Monday, November 23, 2015


Feeling broken and upset on a daily basis is rough.  Feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin makes my life so stressful.  Dealing with psoriasis is so mentally exhausting, I can't even explain.  I am currently on Stelara shots which seems to be working sort of.  I still can't wear short sleeve shirts and am slowly coming to the realization that I probably won't ever be able to.  I feel bad because it takes a lot of time away from the kids and my husband.  I tend to not want to go into public anytime my psoriasis flares up, which seems to be more often than not.  The looks that people give to me when they notice sometimes makes it even more unbearable.  I have to be thankful though, of my family they are so supportive in this journey and they are sure to make it known that I do not have to ever feel uncomfortable in my own splotchy skin.  Even with the support my confidence in myself continues to drop.  I am just hoping that someday I will be able to figure out a way to either deal with my life with psoriasis or be psoriasis free. 

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