Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday wooohooo

I love Friday's for one it is the last day of the work week,but for two it is family night here. So of course we are going to have to vote on what we want to do, but my vote is going towards eating dinner out as a family and then bringing home a movie. You have to check out They offer gift certificates for very great deals. I just had one of my blog readers contact me to tell me she spent $6.40 for 3 $25 gift certificates and 1 $10. The way it works you type in the zipcode or city you are looking for and then it will show what restaurants are in on this program. Almost all the restaurants do have a minimum purchase to use the gift certificates, but its normally min. purchase of $35 for a $25 gift certificate, so you only pay n$10 plus tip. It still ends up being a great deal. Also right now if you type in the code word COOK when checking out it will give you 80% off. Yay!!

Since Easter is right around the corner I will be featuring some different crafts for the kids over the next couple of days:

1 sheet brown construction paper
Contact paper, approximately 13” x 16”
Colorful tissue paper

Fold the construction paper in half like a greeting card.

Cut out a cross from the construction paper. Carefully cut out the centers of the cross according to the pattern.

Carefully peel backing off of the contact paper and place it on the work surface, sticky side up.

Open the construction paper cross like a greeting card, there should still be one connecting side.

Place the right side of the cross carefully onto the left side of the contact paper and press down to adhere. The left side of the cross should be laying open like a greeting card, the right side of the contact paper will be needed later.

Tear or cut tissue paper and place all over the cross. Overlap colors as you go so that you do not have any empty spaces.

When all spaces are covered, carefully close the cross like a greeting card, lining up so that it matches up.

Fold the right side of the contact paper onto the cross and press down. Press out any air bubbles.

Use scissors to cut the cross out of the contact paper, trimming close to the edges.

Hang in a window and watch the sun shine through!

Here is a great snack idea:

Strawberries and Yogurt to dip. (Right now Safeway has their Strawberries BOGO)

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