Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Ideas day 2

Here we go with day 2 of Easter Ideas. I love Easter, this time of year brings about the best Candy. I would even go so far as to say I think Easter candy is better than Christmas candy. My favorite is the sweet tarts shaped like bunnies and ducks. Don't forge to check your local target, Rite Aid, Fred meyer/Kroger, Walgreens/CVS, Walmart, or Alberstons for great candy deals this week.
Here is a fun Easy Easter Craft

JELLY BEAN CARROTS~you have seen these in stores, but why buy them when you can make them for so much less :)

What You Need:

cellophane cone shaped bags or clear plastic icing bags (these are usually available at Michaels, or sometimes in the cake decorating aisle; in a pinch, you can fashion your own from a rectangular, clear plastic bag of some kind - simply fold the bag diagonally to form a triangular cone then secure the lengthwise seam with transparent tape)

orange and green jelly beans

green tissue paper

green curling ribbon

1. Fill the bag about half full with orange jelly beans. Add a layer of green jelly beans. Prop the bag inside a narrow vase or wine glass to hold it up while you work on the next steps.

2. Cut a strip of folded green tissue paper that is a little wider than the length now available from the top of the green jelly beans to the edge of the bag. Make sure the double-layered tissue paper strip is long enough to roll easily into a loose circle that will fit nicely inside the top of the bag. A generous overlap when you slide the ends of the circle together is fine and will add a little body to the top of the carrot.

3. Roll the tissue paper strip loosely and fit it inside the bag, pushing it down to meet the top layer of green jelly beans.

4. Tie one or two strands of curling ribbon around the bag, just above the green jelly beans, so that the ribbon cinches the bag tightly and holds the tissue paper in place.

Curl the ends of the ribbon.

If you check your local grocery stores many times they will have bulk Jelly Beans, this will make it easier to find the orange and green.
~Thanks to allfreecrafts.com for this great idea.

Here is an easy and quick Easter dessert: These could also make a great gift


Chow mien noodles
chocolate chips or brick chocolate
Jelly beans
candy coated chocolate eggs
marshmallow chicks
peanut butter
wax paper
paper plates (colored plates optional)


Place squares of wax paper onto to individual plates. Put chow mien noodles in a large bowl. If using brick chocolate, break into pieces. Melt chocolate chips or pieces in the microwave, or over low heat on stove, just until melted. Pour melted chocolate over chow mien noodles, mix together to coat.

Place mounds of chocolate/chow mien mixture onto several plates (on top of waxed paper). Have children form the mixtures into nests. Be sure the chocolate has cooled, but don't wait too long or it will harden!

Using peanut butter as an adhesive, "glue" down the jelly beans and candy coated chocolate eggs inside the nest cavity. "Glue" marshmallow chick on the edge of or inside of the nest.

These make fun gifts from kids to their friends, teacher and family members. You can also make these nests at birthday parties as a fun and edible take home party favor.
~Thanks to Familycorner.com for this fabulous recipe

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